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GULF ANALAB TECHNOLOGIES FZC are Pioneers in the Field of Analytical Instruments offering wide range of products for Application in Pharma, Food, Feed, Fertiliser, Agricultural, Cement, Chemical, Research Institutes etc. We offer Analytical testing solutions to industry sectors that place high demands on accuracy and reliability and for whom long-lasting partnerships, flexibility, and continuous attention to service are essential requirements.

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DICKEY-john Offers a Wide Range of Grain Moisture Meters for Seeds – Feeds – Grains testing


Nitrogen is an essential chemical element and can be found in various compounds in many natural sources and processed products. The determination of the nitrogen content is therefore a significant aspect in many industries and laboratories. In food analysis, for example, the nitrogen content in food is determined in order to subsequently determine the protein content by using the protein factor. For the agricultural industry, the determination of nitrogen in fertilisers is particularly important, as the nitrogen content is an essential part of the nutrient supply for the plants and thus has an impact on quality and price. In the chemical industry, the nitrogen content is of great importance for quality control, as this is a quality indicator for e.g. tyres (rubber) or fuel additives.


If you determine the protein content of many samples every day, the automatic nitrogen analyzer DUMATHERM will inspire you:

  • Nitrogen determination of your samples is 70 times faster than with the Kjeldahl method.
  • The DUMATHERM operates without aggressive chemicals and therefore requires no space in the fume cupboard.
  • The DUMATHERM uses up less resources. The costs per sample are therefore lower, and you’ll work more economically.

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For the determination of alcohol content or the content of steam-volatile substances in plant extracts, there are well-tried steam distillation units available, which are also ideal for the examination of water and soil with regard to the phenol index or the cyanide or formaldehyde content. Further details under environmental laboratory

For determination of the nutritional value of foods in the scope of the declaration duty, C. Gerhardt offers analytical solutions for the parameters protein and fat content. For the determination of preservatives, such as SO2, the steam distillation systems VAPODEST are available. Further details under food laboratory

For the extraction of contaminants like PCB, the rapid extraction unit SOXTHERM is convenient, and for determination of the trace metal content, C. Gerhardt offers the trace metal digestion unit SMA.

We offer solution for determination of Oil in wax / Wax in Oil, COD – BOD Analysis, Effulent monioring and other Analysis

Determination of Thermal conductivity, Thermal Product measurement, Color etc

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