Disc Mill

Gulf Analab

Sample Mill SJ500


– Low or No Moisture Loss
– Compatible with reference oven analysis
– Compatible with NIR analysis
– Compatible with Falling Time analysis
– Adjustable Grinds Settings
– Low Noise Level
– Suitable for grains with up to 20% Oil


– Discs Grinder Type
– Motor Power 0.5 HP
– Motor Speed 1400 rpm
– Grinding Discs 64mm
– Grinding Capacity 10 to 14 Kg/h
– Power Supply 220 – 250 volts
– Weight 12.5 Kg
– Depth 0.28 m

The SJ500 performs a particle size distribution compatible with various type of analysis or products, according to the setting of the distance between the discs (e.g. fine for Falling time, Near Infrared and coarse for Oven dry analysis).

The grinding discs are made from hard metal and easily replaceable.

The grinder is supplied with one extra set of spare discs.

(with setting to fine grinding)

Aperture of sieve % of sample passing through
710 μm 100
500 μm 97.3
210 μm 66.8