Chemical Diaphgram Pump

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Chemical Diaphgram Pump

Typical applications for chemistry diaphragm pumps include evacuating chemically aggressive gases and vapors from equipment such as rotary evaporators, vacuum drying chambers, and many other laboratory applications. Chemistry diaphragm pumps from VACUUBRAND feature uncompromising chemistry designs. Their construction with fluoropolymers makes them very resistant to chemical vapors from inlet to exhaust. In this pump technology, pumping chambers are hermetically separated from the drive system. It is characterized by a high level of condensate compatibility. Two-, three- and four-stage pumps additionally have a gas ballast valve for all work with condensable vapors. Diaphragm pumps are oil-free, do not consume any water, and do not generate either wastewater or contaminated oil.



Rotary evaporation

Drying chamber


Fore vacuum generation for turbomolecular pumps

Reactors & synthesis applications

VACUU·LAN vacuum networks

Technical highlights:

Uncompromising chemical resistance

VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps are uncompromisingly chemically resistant – even in the case of aggressive chemicals. All wetted parts are made of selected fluoroplastics. They are characterized by excellent chemical resistance and low material adhesion.

Unsurpassed long-term performance

VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps stand for unrivaled years of reliability, even in harsh chemistry applications. To achieve this, we use a special diaphragm technology and carefully selected materials.

The most heavily stressed components are produced in a complex, multi-stage manufacturing process. In this process, a stable metal core is coated with chemically resistant fluoroplastics.

As the result of multi-year performance tests, we have determined a typical diaphragm service life of 15,000 operating hours for our pumps. Thanks to the maintenance friendly design, diaphragms and valves can be easily changed. VACUUBRAND diaphragm pumps therefore run for many years with high reliability and require only minimal maintenance.

Tip: the efficient VARIO control increases maintenance intervals even further.

Smart vacuum control, efficient processes

Precise, efficient and quiet – VARIO diaphragm pumps control the vacuum according to need via the motor speed. In combination with the VACUU·SELECT controller, they achieve the optimal conditions for reproducible processes. Parameters and process steps can be easily adjusted and saved using the touch display. The corresponding interfaces enable integration in modern laboratory networks.