Advanced Shakers

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Advanced Shakers

Shakers are simply indispensable in research laboratories – whether to prepare or stain samples for analysis, to cultivate cells and microorganisms, or to prevent sedimentation of solids. Solid-liquid or liquid-liquid extractions, as well as tests for quality control are carried out with laboratory shakers.

In order to cover this enormous range of requirements, we at Heidolph offer a wide selection of high-quality laboratory shakers with different types of motions. From vortexers with their powerful circular vibrating shaking movement to orbital and reciprocating shakers to rocking, wave and overhead shakers, you are guaranteed to find the right device for your application with us.

A range of accessories is also available for shaking vessels of different sizes and heights, such as multi-well plates (model Titramax), Erlenmeyer flasks (model Unimax), separatory funnels (model Promax), etc.

For the heat control of samples, our Incubator 1000, consisting of a heating module and a heating hood that can be selected from three models, can be easily combined with all Heidolph shakers of the 1000 series.

Convince yourself of the quality, performance and reliability of our shakers, which we develop and produce exclusively in Germany. And achieve the desired results with a complete system solution.