Khal Pellet Hardness

Gulf Analab

Khal Pellet Hardness

With the KAHL hardness tester the pellet hardness can be determined immediately after the pellets have left the cooler without laboratory equipment. So a simple quality control can be achieved during the production process and the determined values can be used without delay for optimisation of the pelleting plant.

This tester can be used for pellets of different cross-sections up to a maximum diameter of 22 mm.

The KAHL pellet hardness testers are available in two designs:

  • Tester with manually operated pressing screw
  • Tester with motor-driven pressing screw

The same basic device is used for both designs so that the drive is interchangeable.

The pressing screw of the manually operated device is turned by hand periodically at different speeds. The measured values may slightly vary, depending on the operator in charge.

The motor-driven tester, however, works independently of the operator and the results are completely neutral, so that the values of different plants can be used for comparison.