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  Vacuu Brand - OEM-and built-in pumps
OEM products: According to individual requirements

For more than 50 years, VACUUBRAND has been a proven business partner for OEM solutions in laboratories, analysis and industry. Our products meet customersĀ“ highest technical, economic and environmental standards. Our company has maintained a ISO 9001-certified management system for years. Production facilities and product development are located in Germany. A formidable development team and our integrated production, along with state-or-the-art machinery and automatic testing equipment, give us a high level of flexibility.
Typical customized modifications
- choice of drives
- adapted electrical connection and vacuum connection
- flexibly adapting the control system (for instance, with VARIO-SP pumps)
- using "compatible" materials
- specifying and checking specific vacuum technology parameters
- customized label and color
- product documentation

Diaphragm pumps with 24V DC drive particularly for integration into OEM products

In OEM applications, we adapt our pumps to your installation requirements: Color, motors, electrical interfaces, fastening and a whole lot more can be adapted to your design requirements. VACUUBRAND VARIO-SP pumps with 24 V DC drive are designed for integration into your equipment control wiring. For decades, VACUUBRAND pumps have been selected by leading equipment and instrument manufacturers world-wide for their most critical designs.

- speed-variable from 400 to 2200 min-1 making possible shorter pump down times at high speed
- improved ultimate vacuum at low speed
- extended lifetime of diaphragms and valves
- extremely compact, with flexible mounting positions
- much quieter and much less vibration
- lower energy consumption and lower waste heat
- speeds can be set fixed or controlled with various external analog and digital signals
- supply voltage 24 V DC for use all over the world
- customized designs for overall system streamlining are a VACUUBRAND specialty
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